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The Mafalian
03/08/2008, 22h21
TurboCAD Deluxe 14 Build 42.3

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2D Design Tools included
# Arcs, Bezier Curve, Circles, Ellipses, Construction,
# Lines, Double Lines, Irregular, Polygon, Lines, Multi-
# Lines, Parallel Lines, Perpendicular Lines, Points,
# Polygon, Polyline
# Point Marker Tool
# Chamfer/Fillet, Assemble, Align, Trace by Point, Trace by Rectangle
# Insert Picture, Text, Object, Brush Style
# Transform: Move, Rotate, Scale
# Revision Cloud
# 2 Types of Spline Curves
# Array Copy for Drafting Repeating Objects
# Boolean Add, Subtract, Intersect
# Multiple Object Trim and Extend
# Stretch, Split, Trim, Meet Two Lines, Break, Extend
# 2D Measurements - Angle, Area, Coordinates, Distance

3D Photorealistic Rendering
Powerful 3D rendering defines physically accurate materials such as glass, mirrors, and polished or reflective surfaces with ray tracing - allowing you to create photorealistic designs.

Interactive and Video Tutorials with over 200 lessons to help you understand and become proficient in CAD design. (New product purchase only. Not included with upgrade.)

Angular, Baseline, Continuous, Datum, Diameter, Incremental, Leader, Radius, Orthogonal, Parallel, Quick, Rotated, Associative, Fractional, Non-Associative

Paper & Model Space
Paper & Model Space Support - build multiple drawings with multiple paper spaces with independent settings.

Center, Center of Extents, Divide Point, Grid, Intersection, Mid-point, Nearest on Facet, Nearest on Graphic, Quadrant, Tangent to an Arc, Vertex, Orthogonal, Workplane Intersection

2D & 3D Text Editing
Create and edit text without leaving your drawing. Plus, choose from thousands of colors for text and background.

Import/Export support for over 30 file formats from the most popular applications
3DS - 3D Studio (Import only)
3DV - VRML Worlds
BMF - FloorPlan (Export only)
BMP - Windows Bitmap
CGM - Computer Graphics Metafile (Import only)
DGN - Intergraph, Microstation (Import only)
DWF - AutoDesk Drawing Web Format
DWG - AutoCAD Native Format
DXF - Drawing Exchange
FCD, FCW - FastCAD (Import only)
FP3 - FloorPlan (Import only)
GEO - VRML Worlds (Export only)
GIF - Graphics Interchange (Export only)*
JPG - JPEG (Export only)
PLT - HP Graphics Language (Export only)
PDF - Adobe Acrobat Page Description Format
PNG - Portable Network Graphics* (Import only)
SKP - Google Sketchup (Import only)
TCW - TurboCAD Native Format
WMF - Windows Metafile
WRL - VRML Worlds
WRZ - VRML Worlds
* Now with alpha channel support -- optional transparent backgrounds for easy placement into other images

What's New in version 14:
- New version 14 offers dozens of new features and major improvements, including new LightWorks 7.5 Photo

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