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The Mafalian
12/03/2009, 21h02
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Skin Vue 7.0 PC Edition

SkinVue7 (PC Edition) is a VuePython-Powered, integrated application that performs human skin rendering. It works by adding a custom, fully adjustable, skin shader and eye shader to your imported DAZ, Poser or custom characters. The process of adding the SkinVue7 shader to your characters is fully automated, taking only seconds to inject the SkinVue7 materials. SkinVue7 plugins currently support the entire range of DAZ and Poser characters (plugins each sold separately). All of the skin shading variables are fully adjustable, providing maximum flexibility to achieve the look you desire. SkinVue7 contains 3 base shading modes: Enhanced - for photo-real rendering using texture maps, Procedural - highly realistic skin rendering using no texture maps, and Toon - a cel shading, cartoon skin renderer. SkinVue7 also contains specially built scenes and atmospheres optimized to produce vivid human skin renderings. This PC Edition supports both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

Total Size: 87.5 Mb

[Only registered and activated users can see links]
[Only registered and activated users can see links]