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Record your desktop screen easily for free ScreenCamera. The program is not limited to desktop recording but can also act as virtual webcam recorder. Make High quality tutorials, Record your gameplay and share it own websites like youtube, twitch or ustream can record all type of resolutions, be it 720p or 1080p. The program is filled with features, you can capture a still screen by clicking on capture a screen shot . It also has an option of show desktop screen which will open a small window above the recorder as a desktop thumbnail. Show webcam or show both webcam and desktop screen. This option lets you record your desktop + the video from your webcam

ScreenCamera Features

Record dual screen. Both webcam and desktop
Capture the region around mouse cursor
Capture the entire desktop screen
Select a region of desktop to capture
Drag/Drop Target Icon over the window to capture
Drag/Drop traget icon over exclusive window to capture

8.2 MB

Download ScreenCamera
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